A simple test to uncover your client's design preferences

Vizly is a platform to understand clients’ design preferences through their quick reactions using the 20 second gut test. This simple yet quantifiable feedback allows you to understand clients’ aesthetics preferences without loads of back & forth.
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Hey Product Hunt! I’m Jason (@jason_liang2 ) from the Vizly team (@ziquan_fu , @zheng_xin_yong , @viethoangtranduong ). Our vision is to build a platform that allows designers to effectively communicate and involve their clients in the design process to save time and energy. Special thanks to @patrick_lu for helping us with the launch of our product! 🗑😖 Problem Designers and clients usually do not share the same language, which therefore necessitates a lot of design iterations to understand what the clients want (e.g., "minimalist clean design that informs people about our company's vision") and to produce the intended deliverables. In other words, the current process lacks mutual metrics and language between clients and designers. 💡🛠Solution With our vision in mind, we are excited to introduce our first core tool that helps designers to get objective feedback easily at any time of the design process: the 20 Second Gut Test. The 20 Second Gut Test allows the clients to rate the designs, indicating whether they like a particular design over the others using their gut feeling” within 20 seconds of viewing each design. We believe that incorporating the test into the current design workflow helps uncover the client's unspoken needs. The test can be done: - at the beginning of the design project: After understanding the project objective, the designer asks the client to rate multiple design examples to understand the client's aesthetics preferences. - at the end of each design iteration: The designer asks the client to rate and pick the best design from multiple prototypes/deliverables. Taking the 20 Second Gut Test is very convenient: it takes the client fewer than 3 minutes to complete the entire test, and sign-up is NOT needed, and it’s all FREE. You don’t even have to be a professional designer to enjoy the benefits of this tool–––if you’re interested in what your friends or family think of your different photos or drawings, give this tool a try!
The 20 second gut test is typically conducted in a room full of stakeholders. Now with COVID-19 and more & more businesses going online & remote, Vizly's developed a pretty sleek system to bring that simple design sprint online. Will definitely be a useful in the beginning phases of all future projects! The team is also committed to helping designers in more ways than this and looks like it's just their first product in a line of products to help designers communicate & ship their designs.
I've been lucky enough to beta test this tool and I have to commend the Vizly team for building such an intuitive and highly effective tool for designers to troubleshoot + optimize their design processes. Congrats on the launch and I cannot wait to see where you guys take this! 🤩
@steventey Thanks for the kind words! The user interview with you last time is really helpful, and we will keep you updated when we release new features.
Looks great! Will come handy to me, but I'm pretty sure to so many makers out there too. Best of luck and keep us on the loop! :))
@rodrig_naska Thanks Rodrig! We will definitely keep you informed when we release new features.
This looks super useful, thanks for posting!