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Image recognition API. Use your own Artificial Intelligence

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Hey PH! πŸ™Œ We're excited to launch - best API for your custom vision tasks. While there is a ton of APIs for general image recognition, many tasks are better solved using custom image recognition models. Check it out for yourself. Training and thousands of API calls are free 😁 I'm here to answer any questions!
This is really impressive, nice execution. What industries, or product categories, have been the most interested so far?
@swetzequity Hey Zach ;) Tasks are very varied, that's why we are offering custom image recognition. People can cover even the tiniest specific image recognition problems. Industry-wise definitely e-commerce, apps and various industry cases.
@david_friml thanks David! Can one image be put into multiple buckets? For instance: cats, dogs, white, black. You could have one image in both dog and white?
very promising. auth using github doesn't seem to be working
@gareth_edwards1 Hi Gareth! Thanks for pointing this out. It was a little bug, everything is working fine now 😁
Hi... does this do text recognition?
@mike_lehmann Hi Mike :) It doesn't do text recognition. However it excels in image recognition even for a very niche tasks. πŸ™Œ
Cool David, what's been some of the best use cases you've found so far?
@kbclauson Hey Kaben! Similar to Zach's question = the use cases are very varied. People use it from recognizing specific object from cameras, through usage in their app to various image recognition tasks in industry sector. We are often surprised by uses cases people come to us with :D :)
@david_friml that's what's great. The community will always discover things you couldn't dream of!