Vivint Element Smart Thermostat

A smart wireless thermostat that blends comfort and savings

Vivint Element Smart Thermostat is a wireless smart thermostat that can be controlled by the same app that controls your locks and cameras. It has a smart assistant that makes automatic adjustments to conserve energy and keep you comfortable.

It also works with Amazon Echo, so you can control the temperature of your home with just your voice.

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Hey @jeffrey_erwin & @jeff_whitlock, Can you tell us more about this thermostat and how it differs from others out there?
@jacqvon: Two main things: (1) Minimalist design – many "smart thermostats" are conspicuous with "showy" design that grabs your attention (e.g., Nest). The Element is designed to blend into your home and not distract from other, more important things you may choose to showcase on your walls. (2) A more informed "Smart Assistant" – We're able to help you stay comfortable while saving you money and helping you avoid waste by making sure your thermostat is not running when it shouldn't be. If you get the Element thermostat with a Vivint security system, the additional sensors in your home can make the Vivint's Smart Assistant recommendations more accurate than competitors. But I no longer work at Vivint, so you might need to ask someone else for a more recent point of view 😀
I really like this smart thermostat. The design is beautiful and unassuming, and incorporating it into my home automation system has helped me save a bit of money on my heating and cooling bills. It's really nice to be able to control the temperature from your phone, instead of crossing the whole house to get to the thermostat like I used to.