Interactive physics textbook with AR

Vividbooks is an edtech app that uses AR to bring physics to life. Just download the app, print the worksheets, point your device and start learning. We empower teachers to engage students in STEM education on another level.
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Hey Product Hunt! I’m David, co-founder of Vividbooks. Love you all for checking out Vividbooks, we’re super excited to be featured today! Vividbooks is an edtech app that teaches physics using our worksheets and iOS app. Just point your device at the worksheet and start learning! Augmented reality brings physics to life and complex topics can be explained with our simple AR animations that appear on the worksheets. Kids copy whatever they see in the animation, into their worksheet and thus use all senses when learning physics. This helps with memorization and understanding. Please comment here if you have any questions and we’d be very grateful for any feedback you may have! Thank you! David and Vitek
Amazing app, try it out!
Great app, very innovative, intuitive and practical! Attractive for our children, disrupting current education system and strengthening our technical future!
@martinsestak thank you Martin!:))
Looks incredible! Not only from the visual perspective (love the style) but from instructional.
@andrey_melnichenko Thank you very much, Andrey!