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Vitally helps your team ensure that the right customers continuously use your product in the right way. By unifying your product usage and subscription data, combined with powerful metrics & alerts, we help you get ahead of churn, build truly successful customers, and find product-market fit.

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Hi Product Hunters πŸ‘‹ We’re excited to launch Vitally on Product Hunt (and many thanks to @duellsy for hunting us πŸ‘)! Vitally was built to help B2B startups answer the question "are my customers successfully using my product?". While that seems simple on the surface, we've found it to be surprisingly tough to answer throughout our careers as software engineers who have also been responsible for the successful adoption of our (B2B) products. Why's that? Product analytics tools focus only on the user and ignore the 'account' details of B2B relationships (e.g. # of users per account, MRR, renewal date). Alternatively, Customer Success tools barely scratch the surface of product usage, only offering rough cut metrics like session counts and NPS scores (while also being tough to setup and overpriced). Vitally bridges this gap by providing an affordable analytics platform built specifically for B2B startups. Simply plug in your product usage data from tools like Segment or Mixpanel and your subscription data from products like Stripe or Recurly. We'll then help you optimize the entire customer lifecycle - detect your most valuable trials (via our Clearbit integration), ensure subscribed customers are onboarded and experience recurring value, and understand why customers churned. Once you have your data flowing into Vitally, you can setup custom KPIs and alerts to ensure the things that make your product unique are fully utilized by your customers. To celebrate our PH launch, we are offering a $75 discount for all you hunters - just enter the discount code vitallyheartsPH when subscribing to any paid plan. Also, be sure to check out our live demo, which was built for the most disruptive team in the Valley πŸ¦„ Many thanks, and please let me know how I can be helpful! Jamie
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We've been using vitally for a few months now, and loving it. Incredibly simple to setup, minimal effort for some really solid and valuable output. Specifically, it's helped us to more easily find which trial users we should zero in on to close, and which customers are at some risk of churn, and why. The team's been fantastic to work with to, and responsive on suggestions & support, and the updates keep on coming. It's definitely worth setting up a trial and seeing what you can uncover that you're currently missing in terms of your user engagement.
Thanks so much @duellsy - it's been an absolute pleasure to work with Elevio!
Founding team here is second-to-none!
Thanks @nsamuell 😊
@nsamuell beautiful product πŸ’―
Great product with one-click setup on top of Segment.
So many analytics tools assume their responsibility ends once the data is being ingested into the tool, leaving you to figure out what the hell to do with it. Having used so many different analytics tools, this was always the most frustrating part of using them. So that's why I'm so excited about Vitally, it actually helps you figure out what to pay attention to instead of just spraying you with endless amounts of data. This is huge for getting value of your analytics. The founders know how to build a B2B product and have injected that knowledge into Vitally so it's always helping you improve. It's like a self-help book for B2B products. If you have a B2B product, use Vitally. Plus @jamiehdavidson1 & @patvatterott are two of the most passionate, dedicated, and offensively intelligent founders you could hope to meet. You'll be in good hands.