Visualize browser sizes

Show the browser sizes your actual visitors use. By Polypane

Visualize browser sizes shows the browser sites your visitors use based on your Google Analytics data.
1. Connect with Google
2. Choose your Google Analytics profile
3. There is no step 3, all the data is shown instantly!
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Hey everyone! I built this api integration to let people create custom Workspaces for Polypane ( and figured, since I'm loading in all this data anyway, why not make a nice data visualization and share that with everyone, for free. It's a lot of fun to see how different (of my own) sites have a larger desktop or larger mobile share. I'm open to expanding this, for example letting people choose a different time frame (currently it gets data from the past 30 days) or other features. Let me know! The app runs completely in the browser so no data is shared with us, and we only request the data we need to display the browser sizes. Lastly, please check out Polypane
@kilianvalkhof Very cool, I'll look into the API when I get a chance. Do these browser sizes show up in the Polypane app too?
@graeme_fulton Yeah, you can make a workspace from them. Check the link in my post above. Just pick how many panes you want, how you want to sort them, then download and import the Polypane Workspace file :)
@kilianvalkhof thanks for sharing.
@kilianvalkhof thanks, ah yes I see the link!
Great idea, it's a super useful app! Congrats for the launch, Kilian! πŸ’ͺ
aaaah! Very useful feature! Polypane is already so rich and useful, this only adds to the fun efficiency!
@milann Thanks! Using real browser sizes in Polypane is going to help so many websites better, I'm excited to see it be used!
This looks awesome Kilian - I'm amazed at the speed your pushing out new features to Polypane πŸš€
@mkeftz Thanks Michael!