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Hey everyone! We all love Spotify's "Year in Music" feature, but we wanted to make it easier to see and share your listening habits year round. Alex and I built Visualify to do just that. Let us know what you think!
@zachary_denham any desire to support
@chrismessina though @alex_pareto and I are both tried and true Spotify users, we'll look at the API and let your know!
@zachary_denham I am too, I just have a lot of data there!
This is cool! I wonder if it would be possible to graph my listening habits for an artist/track over time?
@realdeanward Thx Dean! And this feature is in the works--we just launched today, but data analytics for your music history is a viable possibility with time, engagement, and the wonders of the Spotify API!
This is really cool. Nice job guys :)
This is awesome ! The design is beautiful and Visualify is very easy to use. Well done @alex_pareto @zachary_denham !! Update: I am not able to share via a link because I don't see the share buttons. I am on Chrome on a Mac. In Safari Mac and Chrome on Android I don't see them either.
Nice. Here's mine. Not surprising to see @jacklndn in my top played this month.
@rrhoover Great taste! But it looks like the auto-appended Product Hunt reference parameter might have changed your share link. Best sharing is through Facebook with personalized rich previews! there's the actual link. Pushing a fix to that right now!
@rrhoover Fix pushed! ps I love Tycho too. Here's mine!