Visual Studio Team Services

Tools for Agile, Repos, Continuous Integration & Deployment

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I was really amazed by the quality of all the services proposed by Visual Studio Team Services !!! Great Work !!! Try it , you will see ;)
@steedmonteiro Thanks for posting us on Product Hunt! πŸ™ŒπŸ» I was just about to do that this morning and noticed we've been Hunted 😜
The awesome thing about Visual Studio Team Services is that it is also our "One Engineering System" that all of the product teams at Microsoft are consolidating on. We've been learning a lot about scaling large engineering systems and particularly with huge Git repos. The nice thing is all of that learning is going back into the platform which is the same platform that we make available to development teams building on any stack. Brian recently wrote a bit more on the back story of several years since we started down this path to consolidate everything onto Visual Studio Team Services here: