Visual Marketing Automation

An insanely fast automation builder by ConvertKit

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8 Reviews5.0/5
Back in January of this year Dylan and I asked if we redesigned ConvertKit ground up—starting from scratch—what would we build today? Starting from a blank slate we focused on making it really fast, have more advanced functionality, and still be easier for beginners to get started. The result is you can edit any email completely inline, build out an entire a subscriber automation in seconds, and do it all in a beautiful interface. I think you'll love it once you start using it. Happy to answer any questions about the new design or about the process of redesigning an existing product from scratch and building that out.
@nathanbarry would love to see support for memberpress, learndash - both for WP - also, is there a description of the courses feature? is that a drip course?
@passingnotes Hey David! Looks like MemberPress does support ConvertKit: Will you reach out to LearnDash to request an integration? Our email sequences are for dripping out emails to subscribers over time. So you could use them like a course.

ConvertKit have been exploding with new updates this year, and the visual automation is the last nail in the coffin that sets any competitor aside.

It's the one thing I missed from Infusionsoft (and I definitely didn't miss anything else...) from when I switched two years ago, and not only do we have it now in CK, but it just works nicely and easily. So glad to be using this product! Keep up the great work Nathan and team CK!


Absolutely love it! Intuitive, clean and fills final missing gap ConvertKit had for me!


None so far

Beautiful UI, looks awesome
@lkr Thanks Laura!
This is an outstanding step coming from the ConvertKit team! ConvertKit has a track record for combining innovation, design and professional email marketing experience into elegant and powerful tools. The new Visual Marketing Automation is no exception. Great work guys! 👏
As a Drip user, the inline email editing makes me jealous. Killer feature, great work Nathan, Dylan and team 🙌
@fredrivett You can always make the switch! :) We expect other email companies to copy this user experience. It's just so much more fun to use.
@nathanbarry I'll certainly keep it in mind. Our email automation isn't priority right now, but will be at some point and I'll weigh things up then 😉
@fredrivett Let me know when you're ready to see a demo! I'd be happy to show you anytime.
@dylanfeltus Perfect, will keep that in mind thanks dude 👌