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#5 Product of the WeekNovember 25, 2015
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This is great, something I've always wanted! Like giphy for free-to-use imagery. Any plans for an API? Would love to see this in mobile app, Wordpress editor plugin, or desktop quick find form. Heck, I'd even love to contribute photos from a phone.
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@bcjordan We are working on wordpress plugin and thinking about API. What would you use API for?
@astawarz @bcjordan I would totally use WP plugin. Looks great
Hey Product Hunt, After a few months of hard work we've just launched Visual Hunt - for everyone who needs free high quality photos. Quick facts about Visual Hunt: 1. More than 15,000 best free public domain photos (CC0). We manually choose only the highest quality and tag them. Next 10,000 photos being tagged. ;) 2. More than 350 mln Creative Commons photos from Flickr (if you cannot find Public Domain photo). 3. Search and filter CC0 photos by color. Color pallette for every photo. 4. Photo popularity index. Shows how many websites use the photo (still beta experimental feature). 5. Possibility to save favorite photos to lightbox (after signing up). 6. Possibility to embed photos without downloading. I would love your feedback what I can improve to make the website even more useful for you. Thank you.
@astawarz You don't think it's important to credit the actual photographer or get the licenses correct?
@lukechesser We're still working on credits for all photographers. What do you mean by correct licenses?
@astawarz You might want to change it to not ask for credit to your website when you haven't bothered to figure out who the photo is by. The photographers deserve that at the very least
@lukechesser @astawarz On top of that, original image source (e.g. where the image was originally from, not Visual Hunt) should be somehow linked from each of the search result pages (as photos are not originally from Visual Hunt).
Awesome tool! I recently published a huge collection of free visual resources, so will definitely have to add this in:
@koozai_harry Thank you to be included on such a good list!
Really useful tool! Added on my collection! 👍
Great resource I will add this to AllTheFreeStock
@saijo_george Thank you, great site!