Visual Funnels Maker from Customerly

Create powerful marketing behavioral funnels

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 25, 2019
The Visual Funnels Maker from Customerly helps Makers to:
✅Create instant behavioral marketing funnels
✅Send messages and email based on your user behavior
✅Choose ready-to-use funnels templates for your marketing
✅Recover inactive customers
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13 Reviews4.2/5
Super Product "one of the best" an Industry leader for sure and they are always adding new features and cool stuff. Luca and the support team are always going to go the extra mile to help you. Custermerly is such a powerful tool it would take a couple of hours to go over all the features !! let me say this "If you don't have this tool sign up today for a subscription, you can thank me later!!
@larry_washington Larry, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU. The extra mile is always worth it and well rewarded when these comments are out. A pleasure to help you grow. Our mission is help and inspire people, and this comment show us that we are aligned with it. Thanks again. Have a great day. Luca
@luca_micheli Hi Luca, as this is the "hightes" comment I post here, hopefully you see it. I have created some tickets, I do not get any response. I also contacted you directly, also no response. Customerly is a great product and I would love to use it. But if there is no chance to get any support in case of bugs or in case of extremly missing features (like fetching facebook-messages) it is very risky to rely to this software. I would love if my impression is wrong. All the best, Julian!
Customerly is AMAZING! We use it everyday not only for the live chat, but also to email our clients and leads. Having a visual funnel builder will be ACE. Thanks guys, keep rocking!
@thiagoafram Thank you so much Thiago! We love your graphics :)
👋 Hey everyone! First of all, thanks to all my team to make this possible. We are psyched to be here again. Let me tell you a story. 😺One of our customers, Jennifurr, had a serious issue. She was struggling to follow up to all her customers 🐈 She has thousands of customers on her platform and she wanted to personalize the experience with all of them without turn into a crazy cat. Do you know what I mean? We helped Jennifurr to finally solve her problem. Now she's able to create incredibly helpful personalized communications with them without any pain. As Jennifurr and other 7000 business all around the world, this is what you will get by using Customerly Visual Funnel Builder : ✅ A Visual Funnel Builder to create your own marketing strategies ✅ An easy to start and implement user tracker with any platform ✅ A series of funnel templates ✅ A way to connect your current database ✅ A Drag&Drop Email builder ✅ A Reliable Email Sending service I'm hoping to get your feedback, questions, and ideas here 🙏 PS: ❤️ We have a great deal for Product Hunt, too: Apply the code PHLOVER to save 30% OFF when you decide to go for any of our plans.
Awesome product with great features and updates. Informative,Responsive and Supportive Customerly Team .
@wilson_ang Thank you so much Wilson. Much appreciated. We are doing our best to create amazing tools thanks to your feedback :)
PH You ask me what i like about this product? E. V. E. R. Y. T. H. I. N. G. This tool is awesome. In Customerly You have anything what You need in your online business to play with leads and customers in one place ów You have Visual Funnel Builder. WOW.
@mr_app What I love more about what we do? People that benefit from it like you. Thank you so much for your help :)