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Visitor Queue is a B2B lead generation software that identifies the name, contact information and user data of the businesses that visit a website. We built Visitor Queue to thrive in the areas that the other products overlooked!

Currently free in Beta but check out how to get Visitor Queue free for a whole year in the comments!

  • Ben
    BenJust a geezer, likes the shiny, shiny.

    Great interface and shows real promise


    Show IP address if possible

    Have to say congrats, I've used something similar before in the past, can't remember the name of it!

    I really like the system, it's intuitive and could be a massive lead magnet, it let's you see the URL the visitor has viewed and how long they have been on that particular URL, great for businesses to hand over to the sales team to chase down!

    Would be great to see IP addresses of visitors as well, noticed some of our competitors have been sniffing around and if I had the IP of them I would block them lol!

    Love the Twitter / Facebook, linked info if available, great for adding a social follow and of course narrowing down the individual my using linkedin to find people working at the company and establish contact.

    All in all a great solution, it's just how much this will cost when it's out of BETA that will make it great or kill it.

    I for one love it :-)

    Ben has used this product for one day.
  • Cody Holmes
    Cody HolmesMarketing

    It's really easy to use and provides a new layer of insights not previously available.


    There's still room to grow, but plenty of promise!

    Google Analytics tells us what people are doing on your site and where they're coming from. VQ tells you who these people are. Fantastic compliment to your existing analytics tools. Especially useful in B2B Marketing.

    Cody Holmes has used this product for one month.
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Nick Hollinger
Nick HollingerMakerPro@nick_hollinger · Co-Founder & CEO @ Visitor Queue
Hello Product Hunt :) It’s weird because it was almost exactly one year ago today I first thought of Visitor Queue. Anyways, I would like to thank the awesome @_jacksmitch for hunting us – we really do appreciate it. I am a first-time entrepreneur (other than reselling cookies on the playground when I was like 8) and the past year has been an incredible experience for me. I’m not a developer and I personally didn’t write a single line of code (unless our HTML signatures count?) but my business partner @tzubyak and the team are geniuses and did an amazing job building the product. The shortest background story any entrepreneur has ever told: I previously used several similar products, I saw some areas for improvement in areas like UI/UX, user architecture, productivity and other advanced features, and proactive ISP filtering; so, I decided it was time to capitalize on those gaps. The ask: I would love to get your feedback on the product. We are currently in a free Beta, so you can sign up and take advantage of all the free leads you want. If you have any feedback or just want to chat, you can email me directly at The offer: The Product Hunter that emails me the funniest picture or story of Jason Segel will get Visitor Queue free for 1-year after we launch our paid product... I just like Jason Segel. Thanks a ton in advance!