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Understanding website analytics may get overwhelming & time-consuming for non-technical people. This is why we launched Visitor Analytics: to forget all the cluttered graphs, drop-downs or charts and see your website performance through a friendly interface!
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👉The short Here’s what we can do with Visitor Analytics: - View all your complex stats through simple and nice charts and check the colors to always see how's your website performing. - Find everything with just a click away. No more Hidden Tabs or Categories. - Get each visitor history, referral and path on your site. - See the exact traffic coming from affiliate referrals and URL campaigns. - Easily see when is your website peaking. 🤝Best for: Website owners looking for a GDPR compliant tool and to decode complex analytics and charts and understand your website performance with just a couple of clicks. 👉The long I do apologize for the long answer, but I hope this will cover most of your questions! 🚀 Why using Visitor Analytics when you have Google Analytics (or any other analytics tool that works on top of GA)? We’re not competing with Google and we don't want to be better than Google Analytics. What we actually do is a better job at helping non-technical website owners understand their websites' traffic and at keeping the data safe. We developed our own tracking system and we are way more focused on privacy and GDPR (as Europeans, we really care about it): we do not cross track, we do not work with advertisers and all the data is yours (hence, the simple and straightforward data as well). We just track all the activity on the website, while Google tracks all the activity in your Gmail, Drive, Adsense, Search etc. Unlike other analytics products which are built on top of GA, having our own tracking system enables us to build features that are not possible within GA. One example of this is that we can show the journey of each individual visitor, showing you the referrer for each user or the pages visited from each referrer. Don’t get us wrong! GA can be a useful tool, but it takes some time to get used to it and it depends on your business prios. At the end of the day, GA analyst it’s a fulltime job for some people and it pays well! *** 🔎 I cannot find you guys much. Do you really know how to handle all my precious data? We were quite silent for two years because our product was customized for WiX websites. We became the top website analytics app in the WiX market, got over 1.5M installs, localized the app in 19 languages and learned a lot about a business need in terms of analytics. *** 🔐Are you GDPR-compliant? The product was developed in Europe with a team of German and Romanian people and, as you can imagine: we always placed privacy on top of everything. We wrote a post about GDPR-compliance and the features we developed on this matter here: And we are also certified for our information security management system:
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🚨 We got a couple of questions very often on our website chat, so here we are with a couple of links too. Sorry for being so dummy and miss them from the very beginning! 🤦‍♀ 📊 You can easily find (and install us) on: 👉 Wordpress: 👉 Wix: 👉 Drupal (7 and 8): 👉 OctoberCMS: 👉 And here are the tutorials for any type of website: https://support.visitor-analytic... No worries, we will be on multiple platforms, though. #StartupSteps🚀
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Cool product


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Thank you! :)
Been following the company for more than 3 years and all they did was constantly offering an incredible experience, great customer support and a powerful product.
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Thank you, @vladcalus! We will always strive for quality and great user experience.
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Very good alternative of Google Analytics when you want to view fast keyinformation about your visitors in a ready made dashboard.
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Thanks a million, @razvan_girmacea!
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