Nurture a culture of employee advocacy

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The culture and communications platform. We provide a centralised platform for businesses to measure, nurture and leverage their culture for employee advocacy. We are freemium, sign up and give us try πŸ™πŸ˜Œ

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@chrisheron this looks interesting, can you please explain how it works? I didn't quite get it πŸ˜…
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@amrith hey, thanks for your interest, looks like I need to add more info 😬 Visibly comes under the umbrella of Employee Advocacy platforms, so we help organisations improve their brand reach and internal communications through a centralised platform, that enables employees to create and share original content to their peers and on social media. We are a little unusual in our field, in so much as we look to help organisations on their end to end journey I.e measure and define their culture > nurture culture through internal comms > leverage that culture for employee social media marketing. Typically employees use the Apps, to capture daily work life, and Admins (Founders/ HR/ Comms / Marketing) use the desktop App to administer and moderate the process. Does that better explain?
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@amrith @bevisibly I for one, am even more confused now. What does "we help organisations improve their brand reach and internal communications through a centralised platform, that enables employees to create and share original content to their peers and on social media" mean in plain English? Or perhaps, just give us an example as a story?
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@amrith @bevisibly @samrye_enspiral Thanks Sam, comments taken onboard. I'll try again in plain English. This is the scenario...I am the founder of a fast growing SaaS, I just closed series A. I need rapid growth, so I must recruit more employees, open more offices, generate more sales to hit my VC targets. One of the best ways to attract more employees and generate more sales is to build a great employer (recruitment) brand and customer brand. Employee advocacy is a proven method to achieving both of the above. Letting your own employees talk on behalf of your business is far more powerful and believable than communications from Marketing, Comms or HR (think peer to peer recommendation sites, review sites etc - we no longer trust direct marketing). The problem with employee advocacy is that if you do not have the culture to support it (high employee engagement), your advocacy program will run into problems further down the line. The major pain point for fast growing SaaS businesses looking to implement an employee advocacy strategy, is that their growth causes the culture to dilute very quickly, making employee advocacy harder to implement and maintain. To support these businesses, Visibly: 1. Defines the company culture 2. Reinforces the culture internally 3. Promotes the culture externally by employees There are multiple tools we use to do this, including employee culture surveys, internal communications feeds, mobile apps to capture employee generated content, photo and video editing tools for employees, content management tools, integrations with existing tech tools like Slack and Google Docs, ability for employees to publish social media posts, full content moderations tools....etc There are others tools, but I don't want list all here :-) Appreciate your feedback on all of this. regards Chris
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@amrith @bevisibly @chrisheron thanks Chris - much clearer concept with that, cheers. My one main question is more to do with your hypothesis, less to do with the product... Can you actually define company culture, and expect to somehow control it? Isn't this very thinking part of the problem?
@amrith @bevisibly @samrye_enspiral valid question, it is very hard to define culture. We definitely don't help companies to control culture. What we do, is help companies make their values more visible, by letting employees capture values/ behaviours (as content) and share with their colleagues. Thus reinforcing culture.
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Great job!! 😊 Will check it out!! Btw haven’t understood the concept at all?
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@ayush_chandra thanks & no worries :-) So...consumers/ job seekers no longer believe direct marketing..This is a big problem for Marketers/ employer brand specialists/ recruiters who publish direct messages to try to convert these people into customers/ employees. So, one of the best ways to break through the noise, humanise the brand, and increase conversions and reach, is to have your employees promoting your brand on your behalf. It is more real, more believable /authentic. Our platform helps companies to engage their employees to do just this. Does that help? If our messaging is not clear enough, I prefer to hear the blunt honest matter how much it hurts..
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Great team, great product! Definitely recommend it for employee advocacy! Build a team of fans :) Keep up @chrisheron
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@baptistedebever You are a gentleman.
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Very interesting product! Although the purpose could be a bit better explained on the site like you guys did in the comments here. Also one more note, and I might be nitpicking here but it did make the message you were trying to communicate a bit harder to understand, but I saw quite a few linguistic errors. Like duplicated words and such. It was even present in the screenshot on And this page repeats the same text like 4 times: I don't think that was on purpose, right? All in all a promising proposal you have here and I might actually check it out in the future. (First have to hire some people ;P)
@melvin_loos1 thanks a lot for your comments Melvin, I agree a 3rd party copywriter will likely be hired in Jan 19...We are currently updating all the copy, hence you are seeing those repeated text para's, will be updated by the end of the day. Please keep in touch and feel free to reach out when you start growing, we'd be happy to help you promote your business. All the best Chris