Visible 2.0

Modern investor relationship management

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Taylor Davidson
Founder, Foresight
I've been using Visible for the past couple months and testing for a couple funds. It addresses a problem for both investors and startups; for investors, Visible is a central hub for tracking the performance of their portfolio (overall) and the operational and financial performance of each of their portfolio companies. For startups, it's a way to track and communicate quantitative and qualitative performance to investors (as well as track your cap table, send investor updates, and more). Done correctly, it can help create some rigor around how startups and investors work together, helping focus conversations on tracking metrics that matter. It's a problem I've experienced and dealt with for awhile now, and it's good to see the new version of the Visible platform live.
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Aaron FrazinCEO, Charlie
Amazing product - really makes investor communication easy, and frankly beautiful.
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Mike Preuss
Founder of
Thanks for the add @tdavidson. Mike from Visible here! Feel free to shoot me any questions!
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Dan HanrahanCEO and Founder
We all seek out investors that can help not only capitalize the business but ideally to help us go faster, execute better, and think bigger. In the past, investor meetings typically focused on reporting on the health of the business. By the time we're on the same page with our investors, there was little time to proactively shape the business. Visible has allowed us stay in sync, so that when we meet with our investors, we're able to focus on growing the business rather than just reporting. Meetings have become less recap and more forward focused. As a business owner, it serves as my go to dashboard for how we are doing. Fantastic product!
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Hussein YahfoufiCo-founder 👉
This looks great, I am going to sign up and check it out. Do you see eShares as a competitor?