Visage 2.0

Helping marketers become better data storytellers

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Hi, I'm the CEO/cofounder of Visage. Thanks for taking a look at our new product, which we just opened to the public. After spending 2+ years building our first product, an enterprise reporting platform with sophisticated data handling, we chose to build this 2nd product from scratch starting in January this year as a self-serve option that wouldn't require long implementation times to get started. Our focus is on helping marketers craft better data stories in their unique branding. We will be giving all Product Hunters an extra month for free. Fire away with any questions for me and my cofounders. Thanks!
@jasonlankow Looks interesting, but I always balk when I can't see pricing (or find it easily; a search for "pricing" took me to a 404). Can you explain the costs/plans?
@therealsjr thanks for your question. We're still in beta but have established some baseline pricing, including a basic free tier (which has attribution at the bottom of the graphic, and access to curated colors/fonts/photos). The paid offering for brands (remove Visage attribution/watermark and set up your own branding) starts at $75/month. If you want to chat more about this or customization options, feel free to email me at jason at visage dot co. We also do on-site workshops and have a managed service called Newsroom Creative if you want some help getting started. Thanks!
Visage empowers your team to easily create branded visual content optimized for the distribution channels that are most important to you.
@nikkielizdemere Oh cool! Nice find, Nichole!
Great product Jason. I'm glad that I got to be part of the early beta. Keep up the awesome work.
Hey Jason, great to see a fellow OC company at it!! Curious, is this specifically for social media? Or for internal/external company presentation purposes as well? Curious about the enterprise platform as well. I've been looking for a solution to report internal employee data for my company
Hey @keithbarney! We are focused primarily on external publishing (social, blog, email), but we do have a good number of people using it for reporting currently. It is a quick way to create on-brand data visualizations, so people are finding it efficient for this use case also.
@keithbarney Thanks for your note. We'd love to see you at Connecting Things here - and meet soon. It's a cool, steadily growing hub of good people doing interesting things in creative tech, and we'll be hosting this month at our office (near UC Irvine in Research Park).
I love what you all have done with the templates. @jasolankow Are you thinking free tier gets you a basic layout and paid tier unlocks more templates?
Thanks, @chrisgeniusly! We're planning to continue to add more templates to both tiers over time. The primary difference is the brand tier enables you to create consistent graphics in your brand style (colors, fonts, logo, etc.) and collaborate with your team in the process.