Visabot Green Card

immigration AI, helps you cut green-card red tape

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Thanks @_jacksmith for hunting! We are really excited to launch this Green Card service. It is Visabot's biggest and the most challenging product to date and the first one that we have on the web so now not only Facebook messenger fans can enjoy it. For us, it is a big step in accomplishing our 'world without the boundaries' mission.
@andrey_zinoviev my girlfriend and countless friends have had the visa struggles and I always told them they should script out the decision tree and options to build a bot to help them and others. Nice job executing and actually doing it!
@mwtbrowser Thanks for your support! I wish we could help your friends earlier.
@_jacksmith @andrey_zinoviev Congratulations! I love your product! All smiles :D
@_jacksmith @andrey_zinoviev Also I love the elegance and colors used. Was it a premium wordpress theme?
Interesting Product. Will help a lot of folks to have a question answer format of filing for some of the immigration forms and always have questions on if they are doing it the right way. No one wants to hire a lawyer at 250 USD per hour to just have a clarification. If a bot can provide you the confidence that all your forms are being sent the right way rather than using only your judgement will go a long way in getting you a decent price hike. Only thing I would add is to showcase Legal expertise behind the rules engine of the bot to provide peace of mind.
@iamnotmanish very good advice, appreciated. Will be happy to cooperate with you
@andrey_zinoviev Let me know how I can help. I have filled enough visa forms and documentation, responded to RFE and gone through the arduous process of status changes on H1B's, GC and citizenship forms for family and friends to last a lifetime. DM me and we can chat.
This team keeps killing it! Great natural enhancement to an already great product. Still waiting for my TN + O1 though ;)
@chrisbuttenham We remember about you Chris! You are first in line to get TN + O1 with us:)
Very nice, this is very relevant to me so I'll definitely give it a try!
How about a Visabot for those trying to escape America? I'm serious.