Virus from Retainly

Create unstoppable referral & affiliate campaigns

Virus has been a true epidemic when we used it internally for ourselves during our ICO Whitelist Campaign. The Virus referral links generated 2000% times more traffic for Retainly and converted 30,000 people to successfully whitelist. Check Similarweb for our traffic confirmation. That is Growth Hack.

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The World's #1 Product Hunter Kevin William, hunts Virus. Don't blame me if you start using Virus and are unable to control the huge wave of inbound traffic and conversions. Those who signup with Virus today will get a cash back as a reward. Offcourse we are a rewarding company, we love to give rewards to our customers and our referrers. Open to criticism, shoot me in the head!
@palash76 the product sounds good. However, I am trying to sign-up for 30 minutes, but your website is offline. You may like to check it out. Good luck!
@milachervenkova Website is up and we are getting lots of signups too. Can you please check once using incognito? Thank you, regret inconvenience.
@palash76 Okay, it worked. Thanks!
Cool idea. But the video is one style, the website another, and the producthunt image is a weird animated V? :)
Feels really spammy and message is not clear at all what Virus is. In fact the product name "Virus" is hardly mentioned on the site at all. I don't get a good vibe from this site. Feels really badly thrown together. Site is not clear at all what is virus, how much is it etc. I would do a bit of user testing on your site and try again. I would use something like this for our launch but I'm not sure i would even sign up for this the way it is just now. I hope you take the comments onboard and take a second look at it.
@marktmcewan Thanks. super useful insights. Virus is part of a larger marketing automation platform, but that's not an excuse for us not making the landing page with more content and relevance.