A virtual assistant that answers emails you dread answering

Your own software-powered Virtuat assistant that sends pre-written replies to emails that you want off your plate quickly. Works with Gmail and Office 365.

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This is clever and might help some busy people reply (vs. ignore) to more cold emails but perhaps it's better to be direct with people rather than working through a fake assistant. 🤔
@rrhoover This is something I've thought about quite a bit myself as well. I don't see this as purely a way to avoid being direct. There's an asymmetry in time spent sending vs. receiving email. The typical requests that we designed Virtuat for are send in bulk and/or automatically. This allows you to handle those quickly and effectively. The alias prevents the reply from opening up a thread (which is often the sole purpose of the original request).
Been using this since it was in closed beta and love it. Use it to schedule meetings, politely get rid of too excited sales people, or to answer to FAQ and to help people find the right people within my own organization.
Hi there, I know few people who get more email than @boris . And while nearly every email he gets come with the best of intentions, it's simply impossible for him to reply to all of them himself (and do the things he actually planned to do). We were discussing this issue and some possible solutions (like simply not replying, getting an actual assistant or using a canned response) when we discussed the idea of a hybrid. This is essentially what Virtuat is: a virtual assistant who will diligently send a pre-written reply to any emails you'd like taken off your plate. I’d love to hear any feedback you have! Best, Joost
Is there also a way to personalize the emails with the recipient's name?
@anand_sriniv Hi Anand! I'm looking into that ATM. I'll let you know when it's available in the product.