Branded virtual office for your remote team's Zoom meetings.

While COVID-19 has pushed many of us to work from home, we've lost our company's branding and reputation. Create a more professional impression on your customers and partners. Simply select your office, fill in your information and upload your logo.
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I was an hour and half into a Zoom call with a client of mine when he showed me the Virtual Background function on Zoom. After playing with it a little, I put myself in an office with a big Star Wars poster on the wall. I took a look at the poster and thought to myself "Why isn't there a logo of my company there?" I started playing around with some designs to see how it looks and sent them to friends and colleagues. Everybody went nuts. I wanted to share this with everyone as Coronavirus has left us in our homes, away from the office and all the benefits it brings us.
I never received my VirtualOffice image :( Are you manually including the logo on the office wall, or is it something automated (that takes a really long time)?
@aviggiano Hi Antonio, the automation is up and running. We've had a few bugs as we weren't ready for the amounts of requests we've received. We'll have your office delivered in the upcoming hours. Sorry for the delay!
I want a background where there are kids running around (useful for those without actual kids). You know, to be more realistic of the current WFH environment... :-)
@geetfun Great Idea Simon 😅 Video backgrounds are on our roadmap! Stay tuned.
Hi Went on the site and we can’t tell what we are paying for. We selected the start up experience but didn’t know if the $ 7.99 fee is one time only or monthly??? More info please ☺️
@christine_white Hi Christine, the payment is one time payment per virtual office you choose. Thanks for the feedback, we will make it more clear in the site. Enjoy your virtual office!
Great job!!😊 Will check it out! It would be great if you could add the installation setup or tutorial for first time users who are experiencing WFH or remote working
@ayushchandra Thanks Ayush! A walkthrough tutorial is attached to your office, once we're done working on it. We're currently working on making VirtualOffice deliver your office instantly. If you need any help, feel free to send us a message!