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Plan your virtual wedding ❤️with our free community, courses & products. Our community is for anyone - whether your wedding was cancelled/postponed due to CoVid-19, you just got engaged or you just want to learn more.
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I got engaged last year and started planning our wedding. Unfortunately, along with thousands of others, we had to cancel our wedding due to CoVid-19. The sinking feeling of wasted time, money & energy crept in. With an uncertain future, thousands have started to get married via Zoom, Facebook Live & more - inspiring a new generation of brides & grooms. Recently, we've seen prominent politicians get involved - with Governor Andrew Cuomo signing an executive order to make video marriages legally binding (more states & countries to follow). During this social distancing era, we need virtual weddings so that grandma & grandpa, friends living internationally & the immunocompromised can actually attend. I launched VirtualWedding to help support couples who are searching for alternatives by providing community, courses & products for virtual weddings. Once this social distancing era subsides, we will establish virtual weddings as a better solution - more guests allowed, easier to plan, safer, more affordable & more fun. Imagine a future where we can move between a ceremony, to toasts, to breakout 1:1 chats, to 10 person dinner tables, to karaoke rooms, to live DJs, to playing 'newly wed' games, to dance competitions virtually with 1 click. Join our community to help create the future of weddings.
Love is alive!! Thank you for launching this @micah_cohen! My wedding was scheduled for June in California and we had to postpone it because we just couldn't put ourselves and our families at risk. So excited to see there is still a way for me to get married while keeping my family and friends safe.
My best friend is getting married in August and because it’s almost certain that the wedding won’t be able to happen in person, he is going in the direction of a virtual wedding to gather everyone from all around the world! Virtual Wedding helps you do that in minutes. It’s really easy. You can look forward to an awesome celebration again!
What an amazing idea! A great way to save $ during this difficult time. Also nice to know we can participate in an online community of people. Virtual wedding packages are a reasonable cost.
I love this idea so much! I got married 1.5 year ago but a lot of friends and family in Europe couldn't attend. Virtual Wedding is such a great solution to make friends & family members who can't travel a part of your day too. Plus, the platform is well designed and very easy to use.