Transport metasearch: trains, flights, buses, car sharing

virail is a transport metasearch like Skyscanner for flights, but includes all different means (trains, buses, car sharing and flights), fetching live data for a number of travel companies, embedding in a single listing result set.

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Hello PH, I'm Dario, an Italian maker. I recently found out this community and it felt the right place for someone like me: I like to run ideas and turn them in useful websites. I'm here with my first post about my project called virail: a transport metasearch (πŸš†βœˆοΈπŸš˜) I started working on it around 2013 as a side project while being employee for other companies. I saw it grow with time to the point it is now a sustainable company based in Berlin and Milano. It has always been a hard technical challenge, dealing with so much data and make it happen in real time is way beyond any MVC project I dealt in the past. I had to find out-of-the-average solutions, the ones you cannot really find using Google or StackOverflow. The whole world is a long winged target, but, step by step, the coverage is increasing. I hope you like it and any criticism is welcome and appreciated!
Hey @dariog, What's the next step for Virail? πŸš†βœˆοΈπŸš˜
@jacqvon as metasearch, the biggest task would be to continuously add coverage, meaning more companies providing more routes. I think it is essential to be able to show the most accurate and up-to-date data.
E' sempre bello vedere prodotti italiani tenere il passo, grandi :)
@dvvvxx Thanks! - Doing our best (I guess is better to stick to English tho!)
Great concept but I feel there are few flaws: 1 - I just want to search flights its not working. Its showing train instead. 2 - Asking me for 2 inputs but which one is for what not properly mentioned. And why two? What if I want to only go not return? 3 - Too many random popups.
@evivz thanks for your feedback! 1 - I'd need to know what you searched for. Coverage is not yet complete and/or 3rd party data source might be temporary down (it happens a lot unfortunately) 2 - I don't get what you mean by that you mean dates ? in this case, it might be a good idea to add an "Optional" to the label, thank you! 3 - Yeah, I know ads are annoying and i'm working on a way to get rid of them, but at this point they are a source of revenues that the company need
Exciting project! One minor annoyance, even though I'm in the US the currency defaulted to EUR. Didn't notice this at first and was wondering why the prices were so low πŸ˜…. Took me a while to find the switch in the upper-right corner. You could easily do an IP lookup and see what country the user is in, and default the currency to theirs.
Another thought: When filtering by max duration, it doesn't stop at round numbers. Instead of 15h, I am only able to select 14h 50m and 15h 03m. If you're not giving the user minute-by-minute control (which I agree with), at least make the stops on even numbers (such as every half an hour for a flight that long, perhaps 5-15 minutes for shorter trips).