Instant Cloud Video Chat

VioTalk instant messaging app that helps to say more and do more with Cloud video messaging(up to 4 hours), file sharing, Voice & video calling and also Live location share. Connect instantly with Cloud Recording.

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Hi @praneeth_nss! How does your video chat differ from other similar products?
@jakecrump You can Send Video messages for your Unanswered VioTalk Calls by Recording cloud message up to 4 hours of video of yourself or your friends or the thing that you wanted to show them.
Why not just use Facebook messenger or Facetime?
@arecenello Viotalk is an ultimate way to record & Share LONG VIDEOS up to 4 hours instantly without using your phone storage all your Viotalk video messages are securely stored on Cloud. Stay in touch with all your friends and family through one app for all your daily needs for sending Video messages, Texting, File Sharing and also make free Voice & Video calls.
@praneeth_nss Who is your target market that needs to record and send long videos to family and friends?
@arecenello We all live busy lives. At times, we disconnect from our friends& family. We built VioTalk as an app for all your conversations. We can record & share Special moments & memories with whom we feel missed hanging out with.... connect instantly no more download&upload. Invite some friends and see how VioTalk can change your life :)