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Hello, everyone! I am a developer behind ViewPointer – Photography Map, an Android application that lets you find and get inspired by beautiful photographs around you. I am a landscape photographer, and idea came to me when I was planning a new trip to Portugal. I thought it would be cool to be able to look around a new location and plan which places to visit. With ViewPointer, you can find view points all over the world by just pressing on a map – application will fetch the best images from popular photography services and display them on a map in a convenient way. Be it a new city to visit, or a whole new country, you can look around and find exact spots to take the best picture around, put in your favorites and navigate to it when you are on location. Not only photographers, but regular travelers, too, will benefit from the application. Getting back to my Portugal trip – I was able to find the most interesting locations along the coast and ensure I will have enough time to walk around during sunset and sunrise by finding a place to live nearby. ViewPointer: ★ Browse best photographs, shown on the map ★ Get inspired by seeing what pictures other photographers took in the vicinity ★ Save pictures to favorites for future inspiration ★ Navigate to the image location using your favorite navigation apps ★ Explore image galleries in your vicinity, coming from the best image agencies Being a single developer, for now application only works on Android, but iOS version is on the roadmap already. I would love to hear what you think about the app. Thanks, Anton
The App is very useful and responsive. It showed good pictures of places in my town but I think there are a many images on the web that are much better than the ones available here. How do you select them? I am a smartphone instagramer, I will surely use this app!
@sagar868 Hello Sagar. Thanks for trying my app out. If you press on a filter button you can pick between 500px and Flickr to search for image. In my experience 500px gives back the most beautiful pics and is enabled in the app by default. I also wanted to add instagram, but they have closed their API some time ago. Other services will come in the future, I am open for suggestions. Do you know some good image networks I could add to the app?
@aaverin Instagram is the best network I know but since the integration isn't possible, I think VSCO community can be a good option if they allow. https://www.producthunt.com/post... it has got more upvotes here than 500px or Flickr app. Are you a travel photographer? Will you be travelling to India anytime in the future? If yes I will be glad to host you and learn from you. And if you have any tutorials on YouTube do share the links for me. Thanks, all the best!
@sagar868 I will check VSCO for sure. Thanks for the invitation. I travel once in a while, but have not been in India yet. You can add me on 500px: http://500px.com/antonaverin As for the tutorials – I have some for luminosity masks, but they are in Russian and are a bit outdated. You can find them here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist... I didn't have a proper mic back then, so sorry for the bad voice
@aaverin No issues! I will make something out from your videos. Thanks 😊 I will add you there, let's be in touch, let me know if you plan India tour!