A mini Hollywood film studio in your pocket

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This app is really cool. It allows you to add hollywood style movie effects into your own videos. Check it out and have some fun!
@hnshah Thanks Hiten for hunting us!
Hello everyone, co-founder of Videorama app here. Videorama is a powerful new video producer for your iPhone and iPad letting you create stunning movies on the go. It combines the strength of full featured desktop video editors with the ease of using an intuitive mobile interface. Using Videorama, you can combine your photos and videos together, mix, rescale, trim them anyway you like, add animated text, sound effects, music and apply cinematic overlays and filters. What’s more, the app features an effects studio, letting you add Hollywood style explosions, magic spell effects, weather fx & much more to juice up your creations. Videorama the first app of its kind to combine the power of After Effects, Final Cut and iMovie on a mobile device!
@sarperdag Congrats on getting hunted, Sarp! Can't wait to see what the future holds for Videorama — it's a great app :)
Nice app @sarperdag I love the crazy effects you built in here :)
This is the best video editing app EVER!
Any date for an Android version?
@jaredepicpower not yet, but we're working on it :) It's much harder to create video apps on Android and we're a self funded small team :)