Videoloupe for Mac

The video player for videographers

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Kenny Carruthers
@kennycarruthers · Home of Fileloupe and Videoloupe for Mac
Hi Product Hunters! Developer of Videoloupe for Mac here... Happy to answer any questions anyone might have. Excited to finally be launching after a ton of development. If you're a videographer or work with video on a regular or semi-regular basis, then Videoloupe will surely be of interest to you. There's a fully-functional free trial that you can downl… See more
Charlie Irish
Key Features: - Open multiple videos in a single window - Synchronize playback of up to nine videos at once - Apply basic color, tone and lighting adjustments - Burn-in timing information and overlay watermarks - Export frames to images and perform lossless video trimming Fast, lightweight, elegant and perfectly formed. This simple video player is the per… See more
Jason Cutler
I don't really understand what you mean by "Synchronize playback of up to nine videos at once". Do you have a few minutes to explain?