Videoloupe for Mac

The video player for videographers

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Hi Product Hunters! Developer of Videoloupe for Mac here... Happy to answer any questions anyone might have. Excited to finally be launching after a ton of development. If you're a videographer or work with video on a regular or semi-regular basis, then Videoloupe will surely be of interest to you. There's a fully-functional free trial that you can download from the website. As a big "Thank You" to the Product Hunt community, the coupon code VL50PRODUCTHUNT can be used during checkout to receive 50% off. This coupon code is valid until April 3, 2017. Thanks for taking a look at Videoloupe and if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to ask.
Key Features: - Open multiple videos in a single window - Synchronize playback of up to nine videos at once - Apply basic color, tone and lighting adjustments - Burn-in timing information and overlay watermarks - Export frames to images and perform lossless video trimming Fast, lightweight, elegant and perfectly formed. This simple video player is the perfect sister application to FileLoupe:
I don't really understand what you mean by "Synchronize playback of up to nine videos at once". Do you have a few minutes to explain?
@jasonology Sure, I'll use an example from the world of sports that will hopefully explain things better. Let's say you had four videos of a golfer taking a swing and you wanted to study the swing in each video. Ideally, you'd want to position each video at the same starting location and then simultaneously advance the playback of each. That's tough to do in something like QuickTime Player because you'd have to either a) Hit "Play" in four different windows as quickly as possible or b) Manually step playback forward by a frame in window 1, then window 2, then window 3, etc... With Videoloupe, you could load those four videos into a single window, position each one at the appropriate starting position, and then use a single playback controller to control the playback of all four videos at once. When you step forward, all four videos step forward the same amount. Likewise for normal playback, scrubbing and seeking. Hope that clears things up, but if not then let me know. I'm more than happy to follow up.