High performance file viewer for OSX

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*Insanely* fast file viewer. Huge thanks to the maker, Kenny Carruthers
@charlieirish Thanks Charlie. For those of you looking for a much faster way to browse photos, watch videos, read PDFs or preview documents on your Mac then check out Fileloupe. It's super fast, lightweight and won't move or copy your files at all. I'm the developer and here if anyone has any questions.
@kennycarruthers any chance you will release a trial version of the software? It seems like a cool product, but I don't think I can justify spending $30 on it without trying it for a few days.
@gioismeyo @charlieirish Fair enough. There's no official trial version but if you email me directly I'll get you set up.
@kennycarruthers wow this looks great. I'm build Mac apps for fun. Did you have trouble getting approved by the mac app store because of sandboxing requirements? Also wondering if you used NSCollectionView or ended up using a custom collectionview/tableview. Looks great. Awesome job :)
@harisamin Thanks for the kind words. The only problem I had with the App Store approval was that I had to remove my use of a Share Extension because, apparently, you can't use a Share Extension to open a file in another application. The biggest problem that sandboxing introduces is the difficulty it creates in monitoring files if they are renamed or moved outside Fileloupe while Fileloupe is running. Fileloupe does a valiant effort as-is, but there are some situations where you can cause Fileloupe to "lose track" of where a file is and I don't think I can work around those because of sandboxing. For most users, it shouldn't be a problem. Finally, I rolled my own "grid view browser" because neither NSCollectionView nor IKImageBrowserView provided the features or performance I needed. El Capitan (OS X 10.11) introduces a new NSCollectionView that is apparently based on UICollectionView from iOS. If I was targeting El Capitan, I'd definitely start by investigating that control because rolling my own took me way longer than I would have liked.
Great! Still waiting for v2... since oct 2017