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From the demo video (briefly displayed in GIF) this looks super useful. Will test it out 👀
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@nivo0o0 Thanks, Niv. Let us know if you have any questions.
@nivo0o0 Also, love the GIF.
Hi Product Hunters! We created Videolicious to make high quality video creation easy and fast. Videolicious allows you to weave together videos, photos, interviews, music and more into a sophisticated video production—in seconds. Use our talk and tap—or watch and tap— workflow to make the perfect, edited video. Videolicious is already an essential app for journalists at the world’s biggest newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations, as well as professionals in real estate, marketing, sales, recruiting and corporate communications. Our goal is to help anyone unlock the power of video to tell incredible stories. Watch our demos, tips and video recipes on our site at Would love to hear your thoughts, questions and/or feedback or see any examples of videos created with Videolicious.
@johngiunta looks pretty cool...what are the most common use cases?
@andrewett Thanks for checking us out. The biggest uses cases in media are for mobile journalism and social media news teases. Real estate companies are using our app for agents to make listing videos, profile videos and sales follow-up. Businesses are using it for marketing, communications and sales videos. Schools have students us in their classrooms. Personal use is all over the map.
THIS looks like the video making app I've been seeking. Already deleted the others while this downloads. @videolicious @gsmombach @johngiunta
@elizabethhunker @videolicious @gsmombach Hi Elizabeth, would love to talk about what you are looking to do with video and your work at vLab.
As a former video producer, I wish I had something like this years ago! Great stuff. I assume you need to line up all your clips and b-roll before you start rolling, correct? Is there any other kind of post production you can do on the videos other than music?
@veronica Hi Veronica. Yes, you have to shoot the b-roll and other clips before putting together in the apps. You can trim clips to set in and out points from within the app. Here is a quick video explaining that feature -