Videobolt 3.0

Creative platform for professional video branding.

Videobolt 3.0 is transforming video creation with their platform, access an online library and modify to your preferences with their integrated editor. Updates with this version include a new pricing structure, 4X bigger library and improved editor. Please share feedback.

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Hello Hunters! First things first, a great big thank you to @abadesi for hunting us. You might have seen us before when we got featured here a year ago. We got so much useful feedback from you guys, and a lot of it made its way into what Videobolt is now. So here we are, delighted to present a reimagined product that you helped create! (honestly though, we're just here to show you our cat slideshow) For those that missed us last time, we're a small 5-man team from Belgrade, Serbia with years of working experience in video production both on- and off-line, from freelancing to full-time employment at giant film studios. We created Videobolt to help you promote your personal or business brand with professional motion graphics. On Videobolt you create custom motion graphics in a streamlined online editor, export and download your project as .MP4 and then repurpose as you see fit. Our current offer consists of logo intros, cinematic titles and a few slideshows. We are mainly targeting at twitch streamers, vloggers, and bloggers. We wish to build a tool useful to anyone who wants their brand to look like a million bucks, but also have money left over to sustain both their cat and their business. The whole thing is free to use and you can also grab freebie videos from select templates by sharing on social media. For those that need more, we have affordable monthly packages. The marketplace is open for submissions and we invite everyone with experience designing After Effects templates to submit their work. We curate our offer and we love seeing and promoting great new work, even if it is totally unlike what we currently have. The site should be usable on both mobile and desktop, however I highly recommend using the desktop version. That being said, we'd love to hear feedback on the mobile version if you are the adventurous type with time to spare. We also prepared a special discount so that you can jump right in and make your own cat videos. Type 'HUNTER20' during checkout and get 20% off the first month (OR YEAR) of your subscription. The whole founder team is here all day to answer your questions, soak in the feedback and purr. Happy holidays, Hunters!

Almost Fair share... %50 Its good.


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Hey Hunters! Momcilo here, founder and CEO. I just wanted to chime in and mention that we also offer our services in the B2B space helping set up custom systems for automated production of videos based on user or other data. All you need is an idea for a personalized video campaign, and we will create a template for you, populate it based on any data source you have available and deliver the videos wherever you choose. You can find more information with examples here: I will gladly answer general questions about the Enterprise solution in this thread. If you wish to ask about your specific use case or request a quote, please use the contact form on the Enterprise page, and I will reply promptly.
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! Using Product Hunt Api we created an xmas greeting card and weekly top hunts presentation video example, check it out! Weekly Top Hunts:
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OMG! I gonna be author right now!!!
@_selcukahmet Hey man, thats some purrfect news right there! I'm not sure if you saw this, but you can find more information on the author program here There's also a Skype so you can get in touch with our head designer (and CEO). Looking forward to seeing you around :)
@_selcukahmet Do you do freelance work? We're looking to find a video editor to work with :)
@scotty_bowler Of course I am a filmmaker 🙌🏻 & freelancer. Just write me : selcuk /at/
This is actually really cool! Makers, you rock! There's one thing but it's minor: the verification email link which you get when registering an account doesn't work :(
@akimovnv Hey Nikita! Thank you for the kind words, we're super glad you like it :D That's very strange that the link isn't working, we're looking into it. Could you forward the email you received to to help us troubleshoot? Thanks!
@videobolt @el_duderino1 thanks for Barry-Allen-like reply :D
@videobolt @akimovnv We do enjoy THE flAsh :D