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Search any YouTube video like a document.

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 29, 2019
Search the textual content of any YouTube video. Save time by skipping to the content you're looking for.
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Just have to mention this. What I would love here, would be to run this across multiple videos with a bulk feature. EG - If I search for "WordPress Themes" on YouTube, I'd like to know which videos specifically, mention the word "ThemeForest". Just something to think about if you're looking to extend with more features for maybe a pro license. Great product, again! High Five, Nick
Hi @nicklas_rasmussen, This is an awesome idea 🀯, definitely something I'm going to explore! Thank you!
@nicklas_rasmussen @ronmasas That is actually an incredible idea, Nick. With YouTube videos becoming more and more part of search, it would indeed be awesome to see where brand names or certain search terms are used in these videos. Would like a "Listening" feature on social media, just for the spoken word.
@nicklas_rasmussen @ronmasas would be so awesome! Let us know if you make it πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
Hi, Product Hunters! Lately, I've been studying a lot by watching YouTube videos, and I found myself wishing I could search (ctrl+f) the video and just jump to the relevant part. I've built the extension over a weekend and after sharing it with my friends and working out the bugs πŸ› I decided to share it with you all.
This is such an incredible idea! Is a Safari extension in the works by any chance? πŸ˜…
Hi @alexanderspoor, Thank you for the comment. I think porting it shouldn't be so hard, I'll keep you posted!
@ronmasas Awesome, looking forward to it!
This is actually so useful @ronmasas! As Youtube's auto-subtitles often misread words, it'd be incredibly interesting to understand to what extent the search is able to combat this.
Hi @calum, Just using a basic word stemmer seems to give a decent result (improvements on the way 😁) Thank you for the comment!
Just looking at the sidebar suggestions, this has apparently been available for several years An amazing idea nonetheless, and the other one does not appear to technically be opensource EDIT: Upon actually trying it, InVideo appears broken anyhow.
Hi @vaelek , thank you for the comment!