Video Montage Maker

Combine images and clips to make a video slideshow online

Make a multi-media montage instantly online for free. Faster, cheaper, and way easier than anything you install onto your phone or computer. Upload and arrange your images, GIFs, and video clips to merge them into a unified video. You can create photo slideshows, stop motion videos, Facebook ads, or casual content to share with your friends.

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Hey Product Hunt! 🐱 Julia and I have been working on some more fun video tools! Today, we're launching the video montage maker. You can upload any set of images, GIFs, or video clips and combine them together in a simple video slideshow. Just like the one with bibimbap in the logo for this PH launch! We're trying to make video editing easier. With the montage maker, you don't need to download or learn any complicated software, and it's completely free to use. Just upload your clips (or paste a link!) and go! Hope it helps with some fun content for Instagram :) Onwards, Eric P.S. Happy International Women's Day! What are you doing to celebrate?
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@realericlu Well done guys again! You are shaking up the world of online video making it even simpler for people to create content. I look forward to taking this new feature for a test drive and sharing it in my upcoming video marketing workshops soon.
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@krishnade Thank you Krishna! Let us know your feedback about it!
Excellent. Now I can produce my own Rocky-style training clips
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@rossdcurrie Woo hoo!!!! :p
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Really good product for a quick video preparation for your social media posts. Works smooth and fast but only and a big con is for me that there is no transition option between scenes.


Fast and good for a quick video prep.


No transition options.

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Thank you Yigit! We're definitely working on a transition feature, but we weren't sure what the right transition would be. Do you want like a basic fade transition?
Is it possible to submit URLs? I would like a slideshow that can show web pages :)
@tribaling Thanks for the feedback, Elia. Do you mean submit URLs to add a screenshot of that webpage to the montage? Or a screencast? Or do you mean submit URLs of images/videos and have them imported into the montage? We have support for import from URL, but not support for screencasting/shoting webpages
Great! Can I add text over images and clicps? @realericlu