Video Dojo

Unlimited social videos for $259 /month

Video Dojo provides unlimited 'done-for-you' social videos for $259 /month. These snackable videos can be used for video ads, video slideshows, explainer videos, article summaries, short animations, promote new product features, etc.

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These unlimited creative services are appealing but how do you prevent people from abusing/overusing, @shalinjain27? There must be a cap, right?
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@rrhoover That's true Ryan. There will be cases where an overwhelming set of requests will come in. In fact, when we were thinking about how are we going to price the service, structure the whole offering, we were in 2 minds, - offer a per video pricing? Or subscription plans with a defined set of videos? - take the "unlimited" route? We also looked at services like Design Pickle, Many Pixels, etc. And we realised being honest and upfront about the time it will take to complete one job inherently stops people from overusing the service.
Video Dojo offers unlimited social videos, with a fast turnaround time. While there are many tools out there to make videos, it can still be time-consuming. Video Dojo helps you save time by creating these videos for you super-quick vs. doing them yourself or on finding a freelancer. The way it works is, you just place your video request, share what you need and they'll deliver the video to you. These can be used as video ads, article summaries, video covers for podcast episodes, slideshows, quick product feature intros, explainers, video intros, etc. and can be published on social media, your website, shared over email, or instant-messaging apps. For unlimited video requests, a creator will be assigned to you and she will work on one video job at a time. Once she is done with that, she takes up the next video in the queue. They typically have a turn-around time of 48-72 hours.
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Hey everyone! Thanks @nikkielizdemere for supporting our launch. Video Dojo provides high-quality social videos for your business at $259 /month. Also known as video stories, these done-for-you videos are engaging, have mesmerising background score with catchy motions and typography. No more spending time in creating videos yourself or finding a freelancer, negotiating prices, pushing for timely-deliveries, the works! Just let us know the video you want and have it delivered on time…. Hassle-free! These videos can be used as video ads, article summaries, video covers for podcast episodes, slideshows, quick product feature intros, explainers, video intros, and lots more. You can publish these on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, your website, share over email, instant-messaging apps, etc. If you’re wondering, is it really is unlimited... The answer is Yes! Here’s how it works. Your video creator works on one video job at a time. Once he is done with the one, he takes up your next video in the queue. We work 5 days a week and our turn-around time is 48-72 hours. Assuming a video will take 2-3 working days, you can expect 12-15 high-quality videos every month. We have created several hundred videos till now. The videos are created by professionals who are damn good with copy and visual communication. So, if you have been wanting to do video marketing but never got around to finding time or the right people at reasonable prices to do it, give Video Dojo a try. We’re also offering a lifetime 10% discount to all product hunters. Ping us on Drift and mention you're from Product Hunt. And, just in case you are in two minds, we also offer a 3 day trial to see if we’re the right fit for your needs.
Feel free to ask any questions you have wrt the offering. I will be around to answer them :)