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Kevin Li@liveink · Co-Founder at Farmstead
i think the founders really need to do an AMA ;)
stileniusMakerHiring@stilenius · Founder, Vida
@liveink we would love that!
stileniusMakerHiring@stilenius · Founder, Vida
We built Vida for ourselves, our friends, our aging parents, and you! When life gets busy, we stop taking care of ourselves even though our healthiest states are also our most productive, energetic, and joyful selves. Vida connects you 24/7 on-demand with expert health coaches across 20 specialties who work with you 1:1 through weekly video consultations and daily text-based support & accountability. Think about it like a virtual personal trainer but for your whole health & wellbeing, spanning nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and even managing serious chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease or even cancer. With the holidays around the corner and new years coming up, we think its the perfect time to reboot your health :) Looking forward to your feedback and questions!
Jonathan HowardHiring@staringispolite · Growth engineer & founder
Came here from @liveink's bat signal :) shared some promising data publicly on the effectiveness of even simple checkins with their coaches. Do you have any similar info from Vida? Curious how you guys see yourselves fitting into the constellation of option in the "sub-personal-trainer" market: * Cheap (or home) gyms * Build-a-workout apps like GainFitness * Youtube programming * Cheap paid tracks like and StrongLifts * Lift's new remote coaching * GainFitness' coaching
stileniusMakerHiring@stilenius · Founder, Vida
@staringispolite @liveink We are much more focused on your holistic health and not just personal training. We take an integrative approach and cover nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress, etc. We also work with specific chronic conditions like pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac rehab, arthritis, etc. We have programs and cover over 20 different conditions.
Kevin Li@liveink · Co-Founder at Farmstead
@stilenius awesome! would love to hear about the "why" of Vida. Why did you and connie meet and decide to spend years on this company?
Kevin Li@liveink · Co-Founder at Farmstead
I'm sure @staringispolite has more specific questions :D