Vicarious - 01: Encrypted Grandmothers

Examining the design decisions of Bungie's Destiny.

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This is the 5th podcast on our new little network, One of the constant things we heard from younger designers in our community was concern over why they had to compromise their designs to suit business goals. So, we decided to discuss that need through the lens of their favorite products and the compromises and decisions made by the creators of the things they love. I'm really excited about this show - not only because I get to chat about fun things with my friends - but because I think it'll be really useful to younger designers.
@uberbryn You guys mention you'll be playing with the format - what could this mean for the future? Anything you're already considering changing for the next episode?
@mknepprath @uberbryn We've done some really long ones and some really short ones. Trying to gauge how technically we should delve into topics, what kinds of guests we should bring in, and which areas of pop culture we should dig into. Should we mix and match topics in a single show? or just focus on a single thing? Lots of things up in the air, but every show on Spec has been built as a product. Test, iterate, test, iterate.
Looks super interesting!
Great episode to nerd out about Destiny to. Can't wait to see what else these guys talk about in future episodes.
This episode may have convinced me to get Destiny - really enjoyed listening to the hosts talk about it from their unique perspectives! Can't wait to hear more, this is a worthy addition to the network.