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Hey Product Hunters! The Vibby team and I are super excited to finally share Vibby with the community! We founded Vibby to empower people to make the most of the awesome video content that exists online. For years, video websites have been focused on making it easier for creators to publish videos to the masses, but with that comes the challenge of content overload. The moments that matter get lost in the noise too easily. Our vision is to build a platform that enables people to discover and share the moments that matter from any video. In short, Vibby is the easiest way to create a highlight reel from any video. We’ve worked tirelessly to make the product as user friendly as possible. Just paste a link, highlight the parts you want to show, and share Vibby on just about any social platform of your choice. Since launching our beta in late 2015, we’ve seen so many interesting applications for our technology but a few in particular that stand out are gaming/esports, education, content marketing and sports. I'm excited to hear what you think about Vibby and welcome any and all questions or feedback. We have a ton of very cool features we will be releasing in the next few months so please stay tuned. Reach out to me directly at or DM on twitter @cohen_ari with any thoughts or questions. Always happy to chat! Thanks! Ari
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Great tool. The editing is super easy and works well.
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@armen_mkrtchian Thanks, we are really happy to hear that! It took as many, many iterations to get where we are, and we have some nice improvements down the pipeline to make it even more seamless and fast. We'll keep you updated ;)
This is exactly what I needed. The exact thing. Thank you.
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@darksamaritan_ This is exactly the comment that keeps us going. Thank you :)
@darksamaritan_ what are you using vibby for?
@troy_ruediger I hope it isn't too preposterous to say that I am trying to gather all the intelligence and wisdom of human civilization alive on YouTube. For example I am condensing the coolest of Elon Musk insights as I watch them. I have just now created a vib from an mind-blowing Terrence McKenna talk that challenges our perceptions on 'Coincidences' . Vibby empowers me like no other tool out there on the web. Thanks a ton for asking. Love you guys :D
Clips are big... it takes commitment to watch a video of any length and people are so distracted, its hard enough to get them to commit to any amount of time. Really interested in where this space will go. We see similar solutions for gaming and I wonder how 'highlights' will work across non 'sport-related' videos.
@bentossell Absolutely! Some of our A/B tests (we display Vibby vs "normal YouTube") showed that users are about 4x more likely to watch the highlights then to even start watching the full length video. Vibby is also heavily used in education. There is also a lot of long-form content, and you often only need to share and discuss several specific bits. This is also how we ourselves first "felt" this pain and decided to build the technology :)
@ivosluganovic How do you determine the 'highlights' from a video? Will there be a curated feed of clips of the day/week for me to flick through in topics that interest me?
@bentossell We let anyone take a YouTube video, clip the highlights that they want and share the resulting "vib". So all content is generated by our users. We do have a weekly digest, and we do feature high quality vibs on our site at the moment, but we want to be moving towards creating personalized feed for each user based on their interests and who they follow.
@ivosluganovic I see... Have you explored having pre-screened curators to cover different topics? The thing I'd be concerned about is what the biggest incentive for someone to create these highlights... is me being known as a good 'highlighter' to my friends/others a big enough reason for me to want to do it? OR would I rather someone do all the hard work for me and I just get to enjoy the clips :)
@bentossell Yes. We do have some "Featured" users who we know create high quality content (be it for their respective sites/communities, etc.), and we are giving them more exposure, and this will only increase. Tha's true. Usually a small minority of people creates content, some of them engage it, and most are just passive observers, and we are no exception here (1-9-90 rule). On the other hand, the numbers that we are seeing so far are better than the expected 1-9-90, which we really love to see :)
Thats exactly what I was looking for my music tutorials videos ! Thanks so much for sharing !
@adigold1 I just subscribed on your YouTube channel and I love it!
@ivosluganovic Thanks mate ! Appreciate that and congrats for your amazing product !
@adigold1 Great use case! Perfect for music in general, tutorials, concerts, music videos, live events, etc. Awesome YT channel btw 😊
@troy_ruediger Thanks so much my friend !