The first true artificial intelligence personal trainer

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Hey There Hunters! I’m Gidon, PM for Vi. Would love to get any interesting feedback ;) Thanks
@gidonravner, amazing product. Besides running, what else is on the roadmap? Will it also be a personal trainer at the gym, for example? This is something I was truly looking for. I don't think I've ever pledged on a Kickstarter so fast.
@gabsong Hey Gabriel, Yep, We are planing to head in that direction. Vi will able to coach you on all popular activates (Cycling, Gym, Etc..) and also to integrate all-day tracking data to give users a complete picture of Fitness and Health and provide as much actionable insights as possible. Thank you for your support!
How do you compare with MOOV (which was hunted 2yrs ago)? I personally use the boxing application and it's phenomenal, especially when I don't have time for the gym.
@gabe__perez Hey Gabe, Never tried the boxing app (but it looks fun). There are quite a few big difference but I’ll mention a few: UX: *Vi has a personality and a real vice- not a TTS voice *Not just voice cues but voice interaction- a screen free experience- Un like MOOV In Run GUI controls . *Music integration. Focus on running and running experience: *Adaptive in run coaching- Vi has a build in HR sensor that monitors and configures effort zone which are personal and always calibrating *Adaptive short term workout plans. *Many In-Run features- Cadence and fatigue like MOOV but also a lot more including actionable insight that relates to user goals *Additional on board sensors (& very accurate) as well as context aware like weather implications on Running etc.
@gidonravner Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a cool idea and curious to try it out/compare it to MOOV once ready, really dig the music integration aspect.
Stunning product!
@varundave Many Thanks ;)
Great product! If it manages to lock the fridge and throw me out of bed in the morning, count me in ;)