Vezo 360

4K 360˚ smart dash cam with AI drowsiness detection

Vezo 360 is a dual-lens 4K dash cam which records all around your car in 360˚. Built-in AI detects if you're falling asleep behind the wheel and alerts you to stay awake..
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Hey hunters, we’re excited for our launch here. IoT has become very important over the past 3-4 years. The main issue for IoT in the automotives industry is connectivity. We are entering this domain by making it easy for drivers to easily connect with their cars 🚗. Our camera has impressive optics, with a 4K 360˚ view that covers both inside and outside the car. We are excited that this is a top safety feature, but also because it allows the driver to create shared moments. In the age of AI, dashcams should be smart. Our camera is specifically made to monitor for signs of drowsiness 😴. Vezo uses AI and machine learning to recognize the level of drowsiness a driver is experiencing, and gives alerts of varying intensities accordingly. Vezo can understand when someone is sleeping versus just closing their eyes for a few seconds at a traffic light. Let me know if you have any questions. :)
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@vivek_soni1 How do I purchase this product and what are the cost?
Very very veryyyy long promotional video
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@jessi_wil11 I'm impressed you mentioned that :) , but it was one of the best ways to show all the characteristics of Vezo in action .
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How many FPS (frames per second) does it have?
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@martirosyankh thanks for your interesting question: Vezo 360 has been designed to work at 4K resolution with 30 FPS. However, there would be a possibility of lowering down the resolution and increase FPS.
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Cool camera design
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4K 360˚ camera is quite cool! How does it captures the back angle? There are several cameras?
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@narek_vardanyan you are partially correct: Vezo has a built-in dual-lens camera, which is the key to record super high-definition 4K videos in 360 degrees.
@mike_adamyan ah I see, so two cameras with 180 degree each?
@narek_vardanyan well, you can say like that, if you want to, but actually it's just one camera with advanced functionalities. As I have written above, it's equipped with two lenses (one is placed on the back side, and the other on the front).