Mix and match five staple pieces to make a month of outfits

Had a chance to meet the bright, passionate & stylish cofounders Vanessa & Cara at Genius HQ thanks to @annwang013 & Enrou. Love Vetta's minimalist look & ethical fashion values. I aspire to simplify my life (and just subscribed to Rent the Runway Unlimited), so 30 outfits with 5 pieces is solid. I'll be supporting these ladies by backing their Kickstarter project now -- it's the last day so I am sharing with the Product Hunt community in case there are other folks interested. Vetta is fully funded for the $30,000 goal, and just past the $80,000, so congratulations on a month, and really many, many months of hard work bringing this project to life! Final story: The day after meeting the founders, they spotted @rrhoover and I in the wild in Brooklyn at a wine bar getting some late afternoon work done! Loved learning that Vanessa and Cara are separated geographically in Boston & South Africa. Thank goodness for Kickstarter and the internet, making distributed teams crowdfunding dreams come to life globally. 🌏
@suzywillow @annwang013 @rrhoover Thanks so much you guys for the love!
Hello Product Hunt Community! Our names are Cara Bartlett and Vanessa Van Zyl, and we want to talk to you about an easy way to build a wardrobe you love – and can feel good about wearing! We all know the feeling of having a closet overflowing with clothes and nothing to wear. And we've all heard of the failings of the fast fashion industry – poor quality clothing that falls apart and goes quickly out of style. Not to mention environmental pollution, exploited workers, and overflowing landfills. But it doesn’t have to be this way. VETTA is a five piece women’s collection that can mix and match to create 30 different outfits. It’s made responsibly in the US from eco-friendly fabrics. We create VETTA to be the go-to items in a woman’s closet – building blocks for a thoughtful wardrobe. You can check out our story, and the collection, on kickstarter – We hope you love it! Thanks so much, Cara + Vanessa
@cara_bartlett Hey there. What a great idea. I swear, I open my closet and think to myself...less is more, I just need to have fewer things that I love. What was the inspiration behind VETTA? And what's the story behind the name?
@cara_bartlett I love the idea of this! My capsule wardrobe could use an upgrade. :)
@corleyh Hi Corley!! We created VETTA to be those essential items in your wardrobe that you wear all the time and are super versatile. We also are really passionate about the social and environmental impact of fashion, and wanted to create a brand that was responsible - but also stylish and affordable. The name comes from letters from both co-founders last names (mine and vanessa's) :) :)
@callmewilsar thanksss! Love that you are a capsule wardrobe fan! <3