An easy way to list your goals and track your progress πŸ“ˆ

Tracking your goals makes sure you achieve them. This allows you to see your goals and your progress towards it!

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This looks pretty similar to your first app @safaiyeh πŸ€” Why did you choose to make a different app and not add these features to My Progress?
@amrith Great question. So I actually built Vestige first, to solve the problem about tracking goals. I needed something to see my quantitive goals be tracked. My Progress is a simple Todo to track my daily tasks. Vestige is a bit heavy load with adding new graphs and adding individual data. I wanted to separate the experiences.
@amrith It may be worth offering the features in My Progress in Vestige when the need comes.
Nice idea Jason - good luck!
@eitan_shtainkort Thanks for the support!
I’m not sure what it is about this app but it gives me a sense of what direction I’m going with my goals by looking at the graph. The visual aspect of it helps me change what I got to do to get better. The aesthetic is super fun and the sleek format of the app makes it easy for me to stay on track. Love it so far!
@jaywithlove Glad I have added value!
How do you set notifications?
@camb0rghini No notifications! I will add that to my feature list.