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Track your tasks while watching the day go by

We often do not understand how much time we actually have! Oh, its 6PM

I do not have time to do this... no, you have 25% of the day left. Get more

done by watching your progress.

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Hello, congrats on the launch! Ideas and feedback: 1. You MUST add todo items to localStorage, if you accidentally close the tab, all of the tasks are lost. 2. You have a bug. When I add new todo item, the percentage of the day left is reduced. 3. Try to improve the app by giving the user to enter his working hours or day hours, example from 7am to 11pm, and make that timespan a 100%. This way the 12pm in the afternoon won't show 50% of the day, rather it will show 20 or 30%.
@ognjengt thank you for the feedback! You are right, custom dates should be in. I’ll get that up!
Thanks for the early support and feedback Product Hunt community! Follow-ups: @ognjengt @gorelics @jaywithlove the web app now saves your data in local data. So now you can exit with confidence.
@safaiyeh Hi, how the data stored? You need to put it to local storage at least
@gorelics The data is currently not stored. Just per session todos, my intentions was that you keep this open in a tab for the work day, then re open the next day and re-input tasks.
@safaiyeh if BSOD comes ;)
@gorelics true. User accounts + save data will definitely be the next iteration.
@safaiyeh User accounts are not so important, the simplicity is the key
Tip: Allow users to enter in the estimated time for each task so you can easily see how many more "hours" of work there is still left to do.
@joshuapinter I like this.. could turn into notifications and such. Adding to my feature list.

Wish it had a cute accomplishment notification!


Love the idea and seeing how much time I have left. It helps me look forward to completing tasks quicker!


I understand the intention of keeping it open but I feel it could get lost amongst my tabs and accidentally quit it