Listen to music with friends in real time

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Really happy to have another option for synced music listening! I found this on the app description: "...making Vertigo the only way to listen beat-for-beat with your friends." This is incorrect. See: Lisn, Parallel, Liyo, Radeeus,, and plenty more.
"What’s interesting about Vertigo is that the app lets you share music with a plus one, your core group of friends, or to the public on a beat-for-beat level. In other words, you and your family across the country can listen to the same song at the exact same time using the app. To avoid legal snares around public performance and distribution, Vertigo connects in to users’ Spotify Premium accounts and merely activates songs that those users already have a right to listen to."
Love the idea. Surprised Spotify/Apple have not cornered this early on. How do you invite/listen with your friends?
@kaigradert This was actually a Spotify feature when they launched their Facebook integration
Dope! I was looking for an app like this.