Find the latest version of (pretty much) anything

Verstory is a tool to help you find the latest release of pretty much anything.

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Hi Product Hunters, Hope you're all doing well, just released a new web app that tells you the latest version of (pretty much) anything development related. We've created a central spot where you can find the latest versions of the most popular CMS's, operating systems, web frameworks, databases, programming languages, web browsers, with more coming soon. We've found it useful to have a central referral spot for version updates, rather than searching multiple websites to find what we need. Would love to hear your feedback, is this something you'd use? What else would you want to see added to it?
UI looks classy!
Hi @evivz, thanks for your feedback :)
Nice idea, how do you guys keep tab on latest versions, I mean have you automated this or doing it manually
Hi @tahaqadri, at the moment a lot of it is automated, there are some we're currently updating manually, but we will be automating all of it.
Neat design! But I'm not sure about how fast you update the versions on the website. Laravel for example is currently on version 5.5.3 (see
Hi @thealexlichter, good spot, we were pulling the data from the main Laravel repo, rather than the Framework's, we've now updated it :)

I have tried to figure out what the latest version of things is all the time, this will be a really useful quick reference rather than trying to figure it out for myself by Googling around.


Slick UI, quick and simple, great idea


Can't think of anything