Venmo for Europe, great for Greeks who can't use Paypal.

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Way way way better than when my Britfriends say "send me your bank details and when I get home I'll transfer XXX into your account from my computer." After I send them this, I can finally break the news about the wheel and the printing press.
P2P payments so hot right now. Tilt 3.0 launched something similar last week.
@rrhoover Not in Europe (UK doesn't count anymore), especially Greece which needs it most. ;)
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Hey everyone! I'm the co-founder of Verse along with @dirbaio and Borja Rossell! Our goal with Verse is to empower the next generation of payment products. Right now with Verse you can instantly send and request money from any mobile phone and we plan to expand it to new use cases really soon. Verse is now live in Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Italy, Austria, Finland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Eslovaquia and will be in the rest of Europe super soon. If you have any feedback or feature you'd like to see in the app, please email me at and I'm happy to chat. I'm also here to answer any questions you have :)
@alexloperakb Any specific reason why I cannot install the Play Store version in the US? You are excluding a lot of European immigrants in both US and potentially within other parts of the world as well.
Hi @9uuso the App is now only published in the Play Stores of the countries where we operate but will change that ASAP so people like you can download Verse. Thanks for the feedback :)
@alexloperakb Thanks, much appreciated!
I have been using Verse for a few months now and it's honestly way better than anything I've used before. Especially since Venmo and the likes don't even work outside of the US.
I love Verse! They make P2P payments so easy and frictionless, and the team behind it is A-class.