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Verify your email list and improve deliverability ✅

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 13, 2018

Verify by VoilaNorbert wants to ensure your messages reach real people - it will verify your email lists.

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Cheers for the hunt @bramk. @bobsenoff, @sujanpatel and myself are excited to launch another improvement to VoilaNorbert's core service (finding email) with 'Verify', a new way for doing email verification. From talking to hundreds of customers, we found people use email verification services intermittently and not regularly. That's why we went for a pay-as-you-go model over a subscription one. Verify is like an washing machine for your email lists. 1. Upload your list. 2. Pay per email. 3. Get your list back fully cleaned and ready to send. Prices start at $0.003/email up to 500k units and $0.001 above that. Extensive deliverability testing has shown Norbert Verify rocks a 98% accuracy rate. This is among the highest in the industry. Verify also comes as an API and can be natively integrated with MailChimp and Sendgrid. More integrations are on the way. Please leave feedback and questions in the comments—we'll be hanging out here today to chat.
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@gillesdc nice one congrats on the updated product!
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OMG 🔥 So it’s easy as ABC ❤️❤️❤️ How you guys know is this email good or bad?
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@ruslan_nazarenko there's a number of things we look for when verifying an email address. We ping the domain, email address, check for spam traps and run it against our email database.
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Easy, nice and light!
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I used Norbert since a while and I never been disapointed



Easy to use




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Awesome to hear Vivian! Thanks for being a loyal customer :)
Yet another winner from Sujan and team! While there are a few other similar tools out there, nothing beats this one for ease of use, accuracy, and price.
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@siddharth87 Thanks Sid! Appreciate the compliment and the support :)