Weed out disposable, non-existent domains or invalid emails.

#2 Product of the DayMarch 29, 2019
Weed out disposable, non-existent domain or invalid emails to prevent community spamming or more power to free trials
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As a user, I love disposable emails because they protect me from spam. Most product creators and companies nowadays get your email to try their best to get you to buy something, and for some reason they think that bombarding you with emails is the way to do that. I understand that there are legitimate companies out there that do not spam their users, but even then they probably must send product updates, or maybe a few onboarding emails. What if I just want to try something out, and there is no way to see it in action without giving my email? There is very often the case.
@anna_0x I agree a lot with what you said. Obviously, I never liked those who used a disposable email on my own products, but today I use them a lot myself, so I just ignore them. Eventually it would be cool to have an automated system that auto-deletes these emails after a period of time. Or better yet, trigger a particular action if someone used a disposable email.
@owenfar1 True, but I think the whole situation can easily be avoided by offering a demo with the user can try without signing up. That way they will only sign up if they like the product, and if they like the product they will want to get updates and they will give you their real email. Besides, anyone can make a secondary email account that they only use to sign up for services that they don’t really care about.
@owenfar1 @anna_0x What about products that aren't demo-able(?) like let's say a loan or some other product that is a direct buy.
@owenfar1 @sparxslx well yeah, in that case of course a demo isn’t possible. But a quick try isn’t either. You either do it or you don’t. There’s no incentive to sign up with a fake email. In your example, if I want to loan, I want to loan. If I sign up with a fake email, I’m not helping myself. We are talking about SaaS applications here. For example, a cloud invoicing software. Let’s say that I wanna see if it works well for me but there is no demo and in case I don’t like it I don’t want them to spam me forever. I will sign up with a fake email, Try the software and if I don’t like it I will just never login again. If I do like it, I will make a second account with my real email. The thing is, I wouldn’t have to do all of that if I had been able to play around with a demo before signing up. This is a real example by the way. I’ve tried out a lot of cloud invoicing applications by using this method because there was no other way.
@anna_0x I agree with you, SaaS Platforms should provide a demo or trial period to allow potential customers to try the software to see if it fits their needs. I only bring up the loan example because I've found its common for customer to use fake information in order to get a quote online while shopping around. This leads to in accurate quotes and no way to reach out to see if they can be helped further. its a bit of a lose/lose.
After releasing a few products, I got many users with email that was disposable or invalid. Also, a fellow indie maker @ftxrc shared about the spamming issue on his platform MakerLog. One of the solutions I came up with an easy way to weed out such spammers from communities and products was, to validate disposable or non-existent emails. And here it is. 🎉🎉🎉
@ftxrc @meetchopra Congrats Meet 🎉️ The video is amazing 😍️
@ftxrc @mubaris Thanks man! 🙌🏻
Very cool! Any plans for a zapier integration?
@jeffbajayo yeah, it's in the todo. Will make it soon 😀
It's a super nice idea! I'm definitely going to use it in my project, would love to see it maybe open-sourced like others are pointing out in the comments so that at least we can contribute and make this a solution work for long time. For example, I've tested the first disposable email address from temp-email which is this: and it works, even though it is a disposable address. Other ones are properly detected though' ( that I've tested ) All of the best from my side ^_^
@grohsfabian Thanks. Got many suggestions for open-source route. Will be making it open source soon.
Looks Great! All the best
@mshra_ji thanks buddy!