All-in-one CRM for small businesses designed to save time


Vergify is a web based CRM application that enables businesses to manage their clients, leads, invoices & customer support. Businesses can grow faster and do more while spending less with built-in features like Live Chat, Email Automation, Email Marketing, Online Surveys, Support Ticket Management & Task Manager.

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Donna Marie Archer
DachozenOne Clive Archer
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  • Donna Marie Archer
    Donna Marie Archerpart time home baker

    easy to use for non tech savvy users


    wish I would have found them eariler

    Before Vergify I was using a regular notebook- pen and paper- to keep track of all of my sales and margins. While moving a few years ago I inadvertently misplaced my notebook. I had never transcribed any of the data to an electronic source. I was devastated with the loss because it had taken me so long to calculate these margins and come up with actual profitable numbers for product sales. I searched around for something electronically capable of helping me with sales management and professional invoice & e-mail creation and came across Vergify. I am an at home baker and need a company that I can both easily use and afford. So far has been the best help for my company Donna's Delights.

    Donna Marie Archer has used this product for one year.