Easily offset your plastic footprint

#2 Product of the DayNovember 08, 2019
Vera is a beautiful & rewarding initiative to help save our oceans. Become a member for only $3/month, and get access to a personalized dashboard where you can track our progress, and access beautiful wallpapers.
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Hey guys! Since 2015, we've been curating beautiful content on our Visuals of Earth Instagram account, and since growing to a community of over 243k people, we've been putting more thought into creating something that would help photographers & nature enthusiasts preserve the world they love exploring. That's why we built Vera, an easy way for anyone to contribute to restoring the earth's natural ecosystems. We only just launched last month, so there's still lots to do. We're a tiny company with a big vision, and aim to make the charity experience more transparent, rewarding, and effective. Would love to hear your guys' feedback πŸ’™
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Absolutely beautiful and the most minimal, user-friendly platform. In 3 clicks, all you do is commit to making a difference in our world (which needs our help) and Vera takes care of everything else for you β€” for less than what my coffee costs. Such a heart-warming initiative that facilitates doing the least you can do for Mother Earth. πŸ’š
@mathilde_langevin Mathilde! Your support means the 🌎to us.
@mathilde_langevin Wow. πŸ’™Thank you Mathilde!
Love this πŸ–€
@9th Yo Andy! You the man. Much love πŸ’™
Question: What are the benefits vs going directly to the charity and donating?
@esteban89 I am guessing easy of use? I always wonder this though. Seems like you could just give more money if you donate direct. Also, I challenge the idea that anything can be offset... I think that is just marketing speak to make you feel better.
@esteban89 Hey man! Good question! Here are a few benefits: - We support various initiatives who all have different methods for cleaning our oceans, so by joining Vera, we diversify your contribution, which we believe maximizes your impact. - You get to track & visualize the impact we've made together, and see how many plastic bottles have been removed from our oceans, all from your dashboard. - You get access to a some cool perks, like wallpapers curated by our Visuals of Earth ( team. More perks are coming soon, like discounts from sustainable brands. - We offer complete transparency on our Open Ledger (, which shows all of our past/future receipts, and we'll soon be integrating blockchain-based methods for providing even more transparency. If you think of any other benefits you'd like to see on Vera, we're all ears :)
That's a great idea to make a subscription to doing something valuable in the world! Super easy for me as a user and super helpful for the environment.
@ihor_levenets1 Thanks Ihor! That means a lot to us. Your support goes a long way.