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Joe Mahavuthivanij
Joe MahavuthivanijMaker@epicsaurus · Product Generalist
Jake Gibson is the co-founder & former COO of NerdWallet, a website that gives consumers and small businesses clarity around all of life’s financial decisions. Since departing in 2014, Jake has become an active angel investor in companies like Earnest, The Hustle, Captain401, DataFox, InDinero, Meadow, and many more. He is currently an EIR at 500 Startups, lending his knowledge and experience with the 500 fintech fund. In this episode, we learn about how the financial crisis led to the creation of NerdWallet and why he and co-founder Tim Chen opted to bootstrap instead of raising traditional VC funding to start their business.
Jake Gibson
Jake GibsonMaker@iamjakestream
I love the tagline - thanks Joe!