The events camera app.

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Interesting space, Apple is really fumbling on collaborative albums IMO . I'd like to hear a little more about how the founders have thought about how to keep engagement up, given users will use this sporadically. In addition, I dislike the Facebook integration, would much prefer to base it off Contacts/Email etc. Would like to hear founders thoughts here.
@jamesepember Hey James! For us currently in the MVP, you can use Venteo to collaborate together with your friends or anyone attending the event. Although what will be released in a update very soon is to be able to join in on global/subject driven events to allow you to use Venteo at an anytime regardless if you have any events running. It will really allow people to share with each other from anywhere and collaborate together. The Facebook integration was something we had to spend a lot of time trying to decide which route we think will the most adoptable and allow the platform to grow nicely. The main reason came down to ease for the user, we wanted it where someone can in the middle of a dance floor and just click twice and then be able to join in on the event they have been invited to. For sure in the future we will allow people to create custom account which link to Facebook to pickup your events. Any other questions James you can email me at anytime:
Reminds me of Cluster, just a different proposition ;)
@bramk Yeah, Cluster seems to have more of a "privacy" feel to it.
@nikkielizdemere @bramk Venteo is more of a app to just use as a camera/view the images taken and less managing/creating the event. Something like privacy really just depends if the event is set to private on Facebook, the only way others could see the images taken is if they are invited : ]
Really interested in these collaborative photo apps.
@nikkielizdemere this does look pretty cool, although I do wish it would be available on Android
Thank you @nikkielizdemere for the post on PH! Hey Andrew, your wish will definitely come true in the next few months :] What about going for the iPhone 6 when it comes out?
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