Venmo Groups (beta)

The magic of Venmo, brought to group payments

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I'm in loooooooove with the Venmo...
This is awesome, and just in time for Fantasy Football...
@brendan_o That's exactly how I got a bunch of my friends to initially sign up for Venmo. I had the hidden agenda of doing it so then we could use it for all kinds of payments to each other after. Works like a charm!
Man, totally wish I had this back in college for collecting all of the club dues...and a great way to acquire more users in the "millennial" age bracket that don't already have Venmo accounts
Woah. Sounds like competition for @tilt and @paybygroup. I wish it were mobile optimized however...
@gillianim, we hear ya. Venmo users can easily find, pay, and request money from group accounts using their mobile apps already, but we're considering what a mobile optimized experience for group admins might look like in the future. Stay tuned!
@gillianim @lili_jiang1 Any updates coming to Venmo groups? Still not mobile optimized experience :(
What's the difference between groups and my original account? No info on the site.
Hey there, @theezaven. A group account is a separate Venmo account you can set up that allows you to use Venmo for your group/org/club finances and helps keep your group transactions separate from your personal transactions. Happy to answer any additional questions you might have!